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First inpression and things i miss.

A topic by Joris006 created May 19, 2018 Views: 234 Replies: 1
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I found this game on the web site After seeing some videos and pictures I really want to play this game. In this topic I want to share you my first impression and some things I miss in the game. Also, some idea for new objects. 


When I started the game the tutorial was really helpful. The controls are simple but sometimes you push the wrong button but yes it is a new game so you have to learn the controls. After the tutorial I was making a really simple track and drive my train around. And placing some Objects. The new big grass, water, stone block works good but still I miss some things to make a good small country with a city, barn and seas. 


Before I start, I want to say that every ting I want is maybe not possibly. I know this. 

I want to place pieces on different heights. Now I need to hold alt and move the camera up and down, but this is very hard because you don’t see what you are doing. Maybe edit 2 buttons one that move the object up and one that moves it down. 

I have placed a object on the wrong place. Where is no option to move objects? Maybe edit a window when clicking on an object where you can choose: move, delete and change color. 

The game look beautiful but I miss something. Maybe edit more animation in for example cows or Pigs.  flashing light on the radio tower, some smoke coming out of the houses, Light in the lighthouse, moving clock on the clocktower. I think the game will look better. 

I really like the train cam and move the train around, but I also want to move the train without train view.  

We now have 1 train, but I think the game needs multiple train. So, for example add traffic Lichts so trains need to stop for each other  

terrain spray so you can spray differed textures. 

Terrain editor. Where you can drag out he terrain to make cool mountains or hills  


To make a good world we need some more object. Here is some idea what I want to see in this game. 

Roads so we can make big city’s  

cars (normal car, vans trunk) we can place on read pieces. The cars don’t need to move because is all about the wooden train. 

Traffic lights 

Overall it is a Really good game :D 

If you want to contract me for more ideas. I am here to help you :D 



Hey thanks very much for the suggestions, glad you're enjoying the game.

Lots of stuff others have also asked for so it's likely I'll be adding a lot of what you want. You can check out the Steam forum to see what others suggested.
Try a night time environment, the radio tower and light house actually do have animations, I should add them to day time too though. I agree lots more animations would make it look more alive.
Roads would be nice, I am planning to let you build them the same way as tracks so it is all automatic.