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Nilsco - 1GAM challange

A topic by 8bsunrise created May 02, 2016 Views: 152
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I recently created a game for 1GAM challenge (my personal) and wanted to share it with someone. Development took me ~40h (during 3 weeks, after work hours). The aim of this game was to created something playable in one month with complete features and without blocking bugs in gameplay. I decided to do it in 3D, but it was actually bad idea because I'm not an artist. But before I share with you some of my thoughts there is my game in current state:

About game

"As a lone survivor you must fix your airplane by gathering tools and other useful materials. Run from threat or fight with it using your custom made landmines.

Get some Semtex and Electronic Parts to craft landmines - place it on a ground and lure enemies into it.

Fix airplane and leave this deadly valley."


What was the goal?
The goal was to create a survival game in outdoor environment and to learn Unity3D engine from scratch. I planned to create game where you must fight your way at night to gather resources and use them to craft landmines to kill enemies and fix your airplane before leaving valley. I started 1GAM (One Game A Month) challenge and wanted to start big to verify some ideas.

What went right?
I finished a game and put it on a web :). I learned some of Unity3D features and tested some ideas.

What went wrong?
A lot :)

I created game in 3D environment which was a huge mistake due to many technical issues I had to fix.

I created game in outdoor environment which was mistake because player need to navigate a big chunk of terrain to get resources or fight enemies. Creating this environment was a hard job and now I have huge respect for all Meshers out there :)

Version control system. I doesn't used any of SVN, GIT or Perforce - I just did some local copies of a project. Hmm... and I destroyed few days of my work due to that.

Final thoughts

Use version control systems.

Do your first game in 2D - start small and grow in time.

Do not leave sounds and music to be implemented in the end - you won't make it.

Do as many games as you can to practice and gathering skills.

Thanks for read this :)