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A topic by VertinoStudio created May 09, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 4
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Bit of a noob... Quick question.. on the actual Itch app, it says, not OSX compatible. Which is strange cuz its a Unity extension. Just confirming I'll be able to run it. Or will I have to run it on my Windows Unity? Looks badass. See screengrab.  Thanks

The itch app is designed to buy and run executable games!

So tools like these whose downloads are just zip files or in this case a .unitypackage file, won't show up as "Available on X platform" in the app. But that just means that you have to buy it through the website.

The toolkit works on (at least) the Windows and OSX versions of Unity.

Cool.... Thats what I thought.. wanted to check... Thanks!

Can you clarify— It says it's distributed as "a DLL"— is that a *Windows* DLL or a *.NET bytecode* DLL?

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it’s a .net bytecode DLL, unity supports it in both windows and OS X