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The amount of time I took on 2700-

A topic by DJdog120 created Aug 02, 2022 Views: 1,040 Replies: 16
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I beat it, but I'll update on how the rest goes!

2800 took a couple mins but I did it. Now only 2900 and 3000

2900 is comeplete!

While not paying attention to the game, focusing on the berries, (not all the time obv 14/18) and only really getting help on 2700 I died many times and took forever on this for no reason. Some berries took a bit to get so it made me take even longer.. Some levels I was stupid, went AFK for a couple minutes, or didn't do correct inputs (what made me get help on 2700 by looking on GIFs)

Why wouldn't I try again?

I've gotten better >:)

I got a bit under 10m and I just got 8:58 less go

5:44 with nor caring about the berries. The other runs were 100%


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4:04 right after :D


even better


got it down to 3:16.. I always do a little better each time I come back to this game

just got this run after about 10-12 tries and Im proud of it