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Why wouldn't I try again?

While not paying attention to the game, focusing on the berries, (not all the time obv 14/18) and only really getting help on 2700 I died many times and took forever on this for no reason. Some berries took a bit to get so it made me take even longer.. Some levels I was stupid, went AFK for a couple minutes, or didn't do correct inputs (what made me get help on 2700 by looking on GIFs)

2900 is comeplete!

2800 took a couple mins but I did it. Now only 2900 and 3000

I beat it, but I'll update on how the rest goes!

Thank you!

How would you make a game like this? I would like to know, so thanks in advance if you reply!



This is an insanely fun game! I was so excited when I won. Once I learned how to play good, then I was able to figure it out. I had 50/54 cards and the last 4 were all Diamonds.

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I might try to do it in normal mode so if I do then I'll put the notable scores here

1. 2Y 1O

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I'm trying to do hard mode except I can't move where I'm pointing, and so far I've gotten to 1 yellow and 2 oranges at the same time as my best! I'm going to update y'all if I get anything higher.

Hehehhe imma keep track of my notable scores here

  1. 1Y 3O
  2. 1Y 2O
  3. 1Y 1O
  4. 1Y
  5. 4O

Btw, If you know what you're doing then you can get 15k+ DPS! Just spam and hold Ctrl for a bit, then line up the projectiles correctly on the Dummy!

You can try to figure out the correct settings for the Rotation (Why you have to press P) yourself, but you want them to be very condensed. I've tested some things so I was able to get a super high DPS.

I love this game and how it looks! I'm very happy that I could play this a couple days after you finished it. 10/10

if you mine down and then box yourself in a 1x1x2 box and then place some blocks you'll fall out of the world. If you place one then you'll see through the ground.

He didn't patch it. You have to remove the tile under you then have a floor adjacent to your tile