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Mutate yourself to victory as you scavenge an uncharted alien planet in this stylish sci-fi action rogue-like. · By monothetic

I love this game but I wish Void Entities a very DIE

A topic by Edchina360 created Jul 30, 2022 Views: 225
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Nothing like having a good run, with great time and great loot, only for it to end because a Void Entity pushed you off the ledge (as they do)... only for the game to put you back directly on top of it, causing it to project you off the ledge again and the game to put you back on top of it again, and the cycle repeat until you die, with no windows to dodge away from it and get away from it before it push you to your death.

Twice now I had a run end like that, and of course both times were pretty good runs, one had been a daily run, the other I had just found that sweet, sweet chaingun and barely had any time to use it before the game decided that no, I would not get to have fun today.

Dear devs, please make it so that when we get pushed off the ledge just to be put back directly on top of the enemy whose primary attack it to push us off the ledge. I really like this game, but if this happens to me a third time I am going to get up, go to the nearest beach and walk into the sea never to be seen again.

I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes in this, english is not my first language and I am too busy seething in rage to bother checking before posting.

With love,

An enthusiastic but very frustrated player