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The Island Project

An ongoing exercise in environment art · By wcoastsands

Update v0.1.1

A topic by wcoastsands created May 07, 2018 Views: 252
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This release introduces a number of fixes and improvements to the previous release. 

NOTE: Due to changes made to the game save system, all save data will be reset on first load.


  • Custom settings are now applied on load.
  • Mouse cursor is now shown when the game loses focus.


  • Configuration window is now shown by default on load.
  • Default quality level is initially set to Good instead of Maxed Out on first load.
  • Quality levels are limited to Good, Beautiful, Fantastic, and Maxed Out in increasing quality.
  • Graphics settings found in the Pause Menu are now disabled by default on first load.
  • Added Graphics API support for OpenGL Core and DirectX 12. Due to the current experimental nature of DirectX 12 in Unity, DirectX 11 still has priority and will be used by default if supported by the graphics card. DirectX 12 can enabled by using the command line argument -force-d3d12. At the very least, graphics cards must support DirectX 11, or OpenGL 4.1 or newer.


  • General improvements to UI and menus.
  • General improvements to saving game state.
  • General code refactoring, project reorganization, and cleanup.
  • Replaced the existing game save system with a new system less prone to error.
  • Added a version check and update notification prompt on app start.
  • Added a loading screen.