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Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! · By monothetic


A topic by MewSoul created May 05, 2018 Views: 93 Replies: 1
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First of all congrats on getting there! :D Really like the art style and the concept of the DNA (when it gets analyzed before starting a next run and that you have a chance to get a bonus/malus feels really nice!).

After playing it for a bit, here are the first thoughts I had:

- Don't know easily when I get hit (ie: with controller, there are vibrations for several occasions on top of getting hit)
- It's frustrating to get hit by ennemies hidden behind large objects and so you can't see them
- The stamina is not not too much visible, at first sight when looking at the UI it's not really understandable it is stamina
- Feedback sound when you start to reload could be nice, so it feels the game reacted to your input

- When not moving the right stick to aim, it could be nice if the player is orientated in the direction in which it is moving
- When aiming with the right stick, it could be nice to have a little look-ahead
- Having the roll on the left trigger could make it easier to move around/shoot at the same time, could provide a better flow
- When in-game, it could be nice to use the vector of the right stick to orientate the aim, as I believe you're moving the "cursor" and thus when holding the stick it moves the aim in a corner

- When I died my controller was vibrating, and it didn't stop until the start of the next run

So here it is for the moment, really looking forward to see how it will go with the further patches/updates! :D



Thanks for the feedback! 

Controller support overall is very WIP right now so if you use it over keyboard expect a few bugs. We'll keep pushing improvements to it over development and definitely have these issues sorted out before Steam release. Keep giving feedback on it though! There's always suggestions or a demand for a certain feature that we might have overlooked. 

We definitely want to do a pass on the UI to improve readability as well for things like Stamina as you mentioned. Last patch we added a new reload reticule to the crosshair so we'll keep adding small improvements bit by bit.