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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. 路 By Nimble Tools

All sound files are grayed out when trying to load a new sample

A topic by Itschy created Jul 22, 2022 Views: 188 Replies: 6
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All sound files are grayed out when trying to load a new sample. I can load up an already existing project that I did with an older version of NimbleKick. I can also change them by using the <> buttons. But as soon as I unload it I cannot load any sample. I can also drag/drop samples into the window so I could still use it. Still I would like it to work like before. I tried with my whole sample database. Wav & Mp3. I use Logic 10.6.3 on an macOS 10.15.7.

Thanks for the report, I have fixed this for the next update!

Great, thanks.

Any news on when the update becomes available? Current situation is workable, but a fix would be great 馃槉 Thanks!

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I think the fix for this was supposed to be in 1.2.0 but perhaps there's still something wrong :( I saw another thread with a similar issue.

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately the problem still occurs on my system. I run the following versions: Nimble Kick 1.2.1, Logic Pro 10.7.5, macOS 12.6 on a MBP M1 Pro. If I can help running some tests, feel free to drop me a line ;-) 

Bonjour, any news on a new version where this bug is crushed? ;-)