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Change Log Sticky

A topic by silverstraw created Jul 21, 2022 Views: 155 Replies: 13
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Developer (20 edits)


  • Initial release.


  • Changed canvas resize functionality.
  • Decreased the strength of jitter filter for the eye pupils.


  • Rearranged model property drop-down list.
  • Added "maximum number faces" option to model property drop-down list. This property will allow more than one face to be tracked using a single web camera.
  • Added "Single Value Properties" label to the left of model property drop-down list. It should be clearer about the drop-down list if it was not before.
  • Updated the track layer for the model property "animation" option".
  • Hide value input box for animation and skin properties.
  • Add setting for "face pitch strength", "face yaw strength", "face roll strength", "mouth height strength", "mouth width strength", "left brow strength", "right brow strength", "left eye strength", "right eye strength", "left pupil pitch strength", "left pupil yaw strength", "right pupil pitch strength", "right pupil yaw strength" next to "Single Value Properties".


  • Added circumvention steps to prevent the application from freezing when the AI stops recognizing a face.
  • Increased the initial values of vectors that would otherwise cause jarring animations.
  • Added circumvention to stop moving the model for when a face is no longer tracked but the AI still produces empty tracking data.
  • Decreased face recognition threshold in hopes of increasing facial detection range.


  • Moved the names of uploaded files from bottom of the page into the Drag and Drop Zone area. This allows easier viewing of loaded files.
  • Changed how calculations are applied. This allows animators to use multiple keyframes on the timeline for each animation track. Animating within one second is recommended. Previously, each track only allowed one keframe on the timeline.


  • Added a button, located right next to the property drop down menu, to save the model's settings. The model number will determine which settings the button will save from. The downloadable file is formatted as a JSON with ( .svp ) file extension to avoid confusion with Spine's exported JSON file.
  • The drag-and-drop zone and upload file button now reads ( .svp ) file as a JSON text.


  • Removed the low-pass filter for face tracking.
  • Added unweighted moving average smoothing for face tracking.


  • Allow spaces in Spine animation names to be substituted with hyphens ( - ) or underscores ( _ ).
  • Reduce draw face mesh execution time from 5-7 milliseconds to 0-1 milliseconds. Increase frame rate for Spine model while face mesh is shown.
  • Expand .svp JSON file to include exporting/importing viewport position, viewport zoom, Spine model canvas height and width, Spine model canvas background color.
  • Add title heading for loading state.
  • Fix permanently disappearing input field after switching between certain model properties .
  • Add viewport zoom property to be editable under 'Single Value Properties'.
Developer (1 edit)


  • Add premultiplied alpha setting to Single Value Properties. Takes the value of "false" or "true".  Each model can be rendered either premultiplied alpha or straight alpha.
  • Exand *.svp file to save premultiplied alpha setting.
  • Add the ability to load a video for face tracking. You can find it in the Video Player Settings menu. Video player accepts *.mp4, *.webm, and *.ogg as long as your web browser support those formats and corresponding video codecs.
  • Allow the required animation in Spine to be placed in a folder. All the required animations need to be in the same folder. You cannot put the required animations in multiple different folders.
Developer (4 edits)


  • Override spine.SkeletonData.findAnimation method to take in regular expression string parameter. It will allow regular expression pattern use for finding animation names.
  • Add an experimental menu for unfinished features and allow others to give feedback during development
  • Add "Motion Capture Snapshot" to experimental menu to test saving motion capture pose as a animation in JSON. The JSON then could be re-imported as data into Spine editor. Only works with Spine JSON file imported into Spine Vtuber Prototype. Spine skel binary will not work because the Spine Vtuber Prototype needs to duplicate the Spine JSON. Bone and draw order keyframes are currently operational. This is a requested unfinished feature.
  • Add a slider (range) to control the video player opacity in the video player settings menu. At full transparency, the video player can be controlled by the right-mouse context menu.
Developer (2 edits)


  • Add "Start Record" button to Experimental menu. This button will start  motion capture the model(s) poses. User will need on enter the amount of delay between each capture (milliseconds).
  • Add slowly flashing "Recording" label in the Experimental menu. This will signal when the application is motion capturing.
  • Add "Stop Record" button to Experimental menu. This button will stop motion capturing.
  • Add "Play Keyframes" button to Experimental menu. This button will play back the motion capture without any in-betweening.
  • Add "Save Motion Capture" button to Experimental menu. This button saves the current motion capture. The user will be asked to enter a name for the motion capture animation and the amount of delay between each keyframe (milliseconds). The user will also be asked to save a JSON file that can be re-imported back into the Spine editor. User can save multiple motion capture animations in a JSON file by choosing "Cancel" in the save dialog window after each motion capture session. Then save the JSON file at the end when user is ready to re-import back to Spine editor.
Developer (2 edits)


  • Allow model to be loaded into default pose even though the model lacks the required animations.
  • Add face expression AI to test into Experimental menu. "Face Expression AI Active" checkbox starts and stops the facial expression recognition. The camera has to be active for the AI. This experiment outputs the recognized facial expression state and list all the possible  facial expressions and their respective confidence level.
  • Add "Change Facial Expression Threshold" button to Experimental menu to adjust the confidence threshold for each possible facial expression. Neutral expression will be ignored in the future releases.
Developer (3 edits)


  • Separate error catching on Spine animation tracks.
  • Allow "left eye open" Spine animation track to keyframe both eyes while detecting eye wink.
  • Add wink threshold to determine the ease of detecting eye winks. Range from 0 ( easiest ) to 1 ( hardest ). Setting located in Model Settings > Single Value Properties > wink threshold. This property can be saved into and loaded from svp file.
  • Fixed "brow raise" incorrect landmark tracking.
Developer (1 edit)


  • Fix bug that did not load premultiplied alpha when it was assigned false.