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Cookie Cutter MZ - Farming + Fishing + Day/Night System

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. This combines the Farming System, Fishing System and Day/Night System into one. · By Caz

Question about customizing

A topic by poorrabbit created Jul 21, 2022 Views: 119 Replies: 1
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Hey Caz - 

This looks great and would greatly save me the trouble of writing such a thing myself.

How hard coded are things? Would it be relatively easy (for someone with coding skills) to add new crops or fish?

(edit)Oh geez. I can code but can't read docs. It's right there in the description! yes!


Haha, hey there! Yep it's set up in a way that makes it as easy as possible for users to add their own stuff to it. :D