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Password after Heaven or Hell

A topic by ElkaBayou created May 03, 2018 Views: 140 Replies: 2
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Can't figure it out. Previous passwords are simple but I just can't get this one. I've tried the number of eyes of the four beings, the mirrors through Heaven or Hell, the pictures a while back about the 3 friends, 5 flowers, 1 heart & 0 choices. I'm getting a little depressed and I really want to finish this. So far it has been an intriguing experience, so kudos to developer for that. pls halp


If needed, I'll program the option for the player to go back after the autorun event plays (which I thought would be difficult, but may be an easy add-in)... There's a reason why you see the greater beings there in the void like that, basically, you go by the moving eyes for the code in the order they appear in. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far and hope this part wasn't too stressful.
Have a nice day!


I re-uploaded the game where now it gives a hint as to what you're meant to look for with the visuals seen in that void and allows backtracking to that area so players could see the four beings and figure out the code much easier. Sorry for the troubles, I guess this code was in fact much harder than previous puzzles that were rather simplistic