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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

Running on Linux, with Wine

A topic by Smilex created May 02, 2018 Views: 84
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This thread is for anyone who might try this with Wine. The idea is that if you fix any issues you encounter, then post them here.

At first I couldn't get the game to run, but I found this error message,

005d:err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"WLDAP32.dll": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

It turns out that I needed the 32bit version of libldap. It was called lib32-libldap on Arch Linux, as of writing.


I have a Dualshock 2 controller and the game isn't picking it up. I'm going to try different things, and I'll edit this post after.