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Ghost Leg Shooter (Updated 05/01/16)

A topic by Doctor Drewm created Apr 25, 2016 Views: 290 Replies: 1
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Ghost Leg Shooter is a game based on an old lottery system popular in Asian culture. Launch shooters from the top of the board to the bottom to collect the most points as you can. Legs (horizontal lines) will always alter your path and the board will become more complex as time goes on.

This game is very much in a prototype, proof on concept state. I would like to add to it, including more modes that are already in the works. Game balancing is in the works and I would like to do a complete overall of the presentation. I have put together the graphics and audio from CC sources but would someday like to replace all of it and give the game a more interesting and animated look. I do not have the skills to do this myself, so this will have to do for now.

Please give it a try and tell me anything you think.

Ghost Leg Shooter for Windows

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I've updated the game. My idea of many modes was turned into trying to make one mode that took the best ideas of each. I'm still interested in polishing this up sometime and replacing the graphics and such but for now, this is mostly proof of concept of the idea behind gameplay I could put into something bigger.

Please check the game out and let me know whatever you think. If you think you have an idea of how to make this better or something you'd like to build around this, let me know too.