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Purple Martians

A topic by Michael Weiss created Apr 29, 2018 Views: 263
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A really cool platform game like Bubble Bobble, Lode Runner, or Super Mario.

Its completely free.


  •  many fun and challenging levels
  • lots of items and enemies that are completely customizable with the level editor
  • bombs you can carry and throw
  • rockets you can ride and steer
  • movable lifts you can ride
  • switches that change blocks solid and back
  • springs that let you jump very high
  • keys that open locked blocks
  • doors to transport you to other places in the level
  • cloners that copy enemies and items
  • podzilla plants that pop up and shoot at you 
  • helpful pop-up messages to help you figure stuff out
  • LAN networked game mode with up to eight players
  • user definable setup for keyboard and/or joystick
  • homemade sound effects
  • fancy scrolling help screens with images and animations
  • the game can handle almost any screen size from 320x200 to 4K
  • very smooth moving graphics
  • you can zoom in or out to make the amount of level shown on the screen bigger or smaller
  • you can adjust the frames per second to anything you like
  • you can choose between 15 different colors for your player
  • a nice graphical level selector

 And the best feature of all: The Level Editor to make your own levels!

If you create new levels, please send them to me, the only levels I get to play are ones that I created myself, and how challenging could that be? 

System Requirements (or systems that I tested it on):

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  •  ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64
  • ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64
  • ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64
  • linuxmint-18.3-cinnamon-64bit
  • elementaryos-0.4.1-stable.20180214 
  • antergos-18.4-x86_64 
  • CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveGNOME-1708.iso 
  • CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveKDE-1708.iso 
  • Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-27-1.6

The netgame works identically across all platforms

See the help file for more details, or email me. (

If you download it, please take a few minutes to send me some feedback.

Send your comments to: Email me your new levels as e-mail attachments.

Created with:

  • Allegro 5.2.4
  • MinGW-w64
  • 7.2.0 Code Blocks 17.12 
  • libnet-0.10.11 
  • zlib-1.2.8