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AppGameKit for Python

Create games using AppGameKit and Python! · By Fascimania

Is there a full list of commands ?

A topic by GunnerJnr created Apr 28, 2018 Views: 789 Replies: 4
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First of all thanks for the great setup tutorial. I am very excited to see AGK support in Python!

Secondly, my question may seem dumb, but is there anywhere I can view a full list of the AGK Commands in their Python alternative? I have had a little nose through the appgamekit.pyi and see it has a huge list of functions, which I assume are the Python alternatives

But it's pretty cumbersome to find what you want.. 

So I just wondered if perhaps there was some kind of documentation similar to TGC's site

Kind Regards



Yes, the PYI holds a full list of the commands and constants.  There is currently no online help like TGC has.

If you use PyCharm, it performs syntax coloration on the PYI to make things a little more readable.  It also has code completion and context-sensitive help (using the PYI file).

Python does include a help command that can be used against anything to get its documentation.  It works in the Python console of PyCharm, but I see now that importing the pyd in IDLE throws and error about not determining the read path, which I'll need to change.  With this help command, one can import appgamekit then call help(appgamekit) to get all commands or help(appgamekit.create_window) to get help on a specific command.

The TGC help site can be used to get an understanding of how AppGameKit works.  The Python commands are similar, but have been changed to the Python naming convention.  You can then use the function help to see whether the parameter order has changed (mainly a concern for functions that allow one to assign their own ID to things).


I've added a file called appgamekit.html which is a pydoc-generated list of all functions and descriptions modified to have a categorized listing at the top similar to how The Game Creator's help documentation is done.  It can be downloaded and viewed locally.

An updated PYD was also posted so that the appgamekit module can be imported in IDLE's Python Shell and interactive help used there.

Thanks dude this is fantastic. Greatly appreciated.


You're welcome.