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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan


A topic by mrcalzon02 created Apr 28, 2018 Views: 757 Replies: 2
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i have a number of small questions,

1. Where are simulations saved?

2. Could we get some more information on what info is being used by the neural network to make it's choices?

3. What exactly is the mutation variable affecting?

4. Can we select or scale that mutation variable differently based on muscle group or other factors?

5. Is is possible to group muscles?

6. What about nested networks? is that a thing?

7. Is there any way to get a visual look at a network during testing. say selecting a muscle in the pause menu and being able to examine its network? it possible to edit the starting conditions of a neural networks nodes to change there starting values? say by selecting them in the editor? there a way to replay specific creatures from a saved cycle?

10. is it possible to have some kind of scale to show distance/progress? or viable metrics of some kind?

as it is now it seams Each muscle has its own brain, is it possible to group these networks, allowing for a simplex kind of nervous system? with another layer over that for a overall brain? Sorry, i seam to be obsessed with the idea of nested or chained neural networks.


1. Company name in this case is "Keiwan Donyagard", product name is "Evolution"

2. You can take a look at the code, if you want. You need to scroll down to the UpdateInputs function in each Brain implementation. Here's the running brain for example. 

3. The mutation variable determines the percentage of creatures that get mutated per generation. So if you have 10 creatures about 5 will be mutated during the recombination step. I say "about 5" because the actual number of mutated creatures is still random, based on a uniform distribution.

4. No, since the mutation rate works on a per-creature basis.

5. By group you mean have them expand and contract at the same time? Currently no, but maybe in the future (It's not very likely though)

6. I'm not too sure what exactly you mean by that? Something like this?

7. Since the last update there is now an option to visualize the amount of muscle contraction / expansion per muscle, which is effectively nothing other than the network output for that muscle.

8. No, the network gets randomly initialized every time you start a new simulation.

9. If you click on the little screen in the top right that says "Best of Gen..." you can view the best creature from any previously simulated generation.

10. On that same "Best of Gen" screen, you'll find some stats about the best creature of the previous generations, including the distance travelled. I might add little markers to the simulation screen to indicate the current distance sometime in the future.