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Create creatures and let them evolve to see how they master various tasks. · By Keiwan

we need a way to save what out creation has learnt to to use it in other situations

A topic by sabi123456 created Apr 27, 2018 Views: 384 Replies: 2
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we need a way to save what out creation has learnt to to use it in other situation

like save his running then load it up where he knows how to walk and put that knowledge in the jump or the climb


Most of the tasks require a slightly different set of inputs, so the creature brains are not interchangeable between different tasks. (The same design needs a different type of brain for almost every different tasks)

Also, the even if the inputs were all the same, the creature still wouldn't be able to learn multiple skills and then "choose" based on the task it has to fulfill. It would have to unlearn the first skill and then learn the new task, which effectively ends up being the same as how it currently works anyway.

Actually, Keiwan, if you started with a set of possible inputs for all modes and then simply didn't bother to stimulate the inputs that have no value in a given task mode, it should be possible to have the neural network learn any of the tasks with the same basic configuration. Also, adding the fitness criteria as an input would allow the creature's neural network to evolve the ability to incorporate that input and in a sense be able to switch between learned tasks. Adding another input (or inputs) that categorizes or somehow "describe" the environment or elements of the environment, would allow the neural network evolution to also evolve accommodation for applying the same fitness criterion to different environments.