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metamorphosis - cooperative alien protozoa simulator

A topic by choochootrain created Apr 24, 2016 Views: 184
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caveat emptor: i have no idea what im doing

demo and screenshots

the inspiration

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today's Mars

the grand vision

you are a single celled organism on a planet and you're thirsty. work with your sisters and brothers to tunnel through rock, form bridges out of your own kind, and perform other incredible feats in your endless quest for that dank H 2O. Think Lemmings meets Little Big Planet but more like an ant colony.


i've built out a proof of concept of the procedural environment of the game in three.js. i ended up using dat-gui to tweak the environment but i'm still not completely satisfied with the way it feels.

i got sidetracked pretty hard by this and have spent close to 0 time working on the avatar and control mechanics. this prototype has been pretty helpful in solidifying the idea, but its pretty clear that i should be moving to something like unity if i want this thing to ship any time soon.

repeat after me: i have no idea what im doing

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