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It's crazy :D

A topic by gkr created Apr 24, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 1
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wow! I won!

At some point, I wasn't sure we could really win this game. I love it!

It remind me a bit of daniel remar's really shooter with two different gameplay going on at the same time. Ok, your's is two wildly different gameplay but somehow more manageable. The graphics are a blast from the past, in all the good way.

There are a few issue. I'm not sure the AI is really fair and I believe the road direction is not reset before starting a new game so most of the time, I start already going out . But hey, it's an LD, it a pretty amazing game for such a short time. 

Developer (9 edits)

hey dude! glad u enjoyed the old school feel, 90s arcades r my jam! the A.I is fair, it doesn't do anything that a good human player can't. & yeah, there are a few bugs. i forgot to reset sum of the car crash variables at the start of the new game, i was in such a rush! i did the title, game over, winner, instructions screens & added the red points all in the final hour before submission deadline! it was CARaaazy! XD  i only playtested the game after i submitted it & wen the car crashed instantly at the start i was like "OOOH NOOO!" XD  

thanx for the feedback  & compliments.

& "THANX 4 PLAYING!" ^__^