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I second the request. The game is reaaaally hard to play currently. And something is weird the way the game is packaged. There are two _Data folder but one is in a subfolder and there are no matching .exe file

wow! I won!

At some point, I wasn't sure we could really win this game. I love it!

It remind me a bit of daniel remar's really shooter with two different gameplay going on at the same time. Ok, your's is two wildly different gameplay but somehow more manageable. The graphics are a blast from the past, in all the good way.

There are a few issue. I'm not sure the AI is really fair and I believe the road direction is not reset before starting a new game so most of the time, I start already going out . But hey, it's an LD, it a pretty amazing game for such a short time. 

I love the concept :)

A smartphone version could be really nice

Is there a plan to make the game available again on ?

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I'll check again, it is with a 64bit windows 10, with and what I thought was the latest version.

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look like a restart fixed the problem. Before quitting and launching the app, the game offered download, after if offered launch.


I'm trying to install with the app but it doesn't work.

It download something, try to install something and that's all. The button to Install doesn't turn into launch like with other games.

Currently, neither z nor q are used as far as I see. Simply adding the shortcut work pretty well as a temporary solution for these pesky azerty keyboard.