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Dance Beats Violence, playable prototype looking for feedback !

A topic by TIBO 3000 created Apr 23, 2018 Views: 111
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Hey ! I made a quick prototype this week end of a fighting/dance game I had in mind. You can play it directly online with your keyboard or, better, with Joycons!

The main goal is to beat your opponent by smashing buttons in rhythm :)

Go test it!

Here is all the details for convenience, they're also on the game page:

— — — 🕹 Controls 🕹— — —

The game was made to be controlled primarily with JoyCons (you can connect both joycons to a Mac via Bluetooth with enjoyable). I don't know how to connect joycons to Windows and how the game would control with other controllers, but if you tried it, please tell me and the community in the comments :)

If you do not own any controller, Player 1 (on the left-side) can be played with Z Q S D, D being X and Player 2 (right-side) with I J K L, L being X (optimized for AZERTY keyboard, I think you might be able to change that if you download the game).

The musics plays at 120 BPM.

— — — 🕺How to play? 🕺— — —

This is a dance battle!

Basically, hit A, B, X or Y when a beat arrives in the middle of the screen. Hitting a beat act as attack AND block at the same time. If you miss the beat, you don't block nor do you attack, so if your opponent does hit it correctly, you'll loose a health point (the red bar on your side of the screen). Also if you hit it, you'll earn points and fill the yellow score bar; fill it to the end to get a new health point!

Don't hit the same button twice ! Unless you're a cheater, in which case you'll loose 1 health point :)

Now, if you feel a bit more challenge-y, you'll notice that every beat has a color and a gradient. The color represents the type of beat it is : red is normal, yellow doubles your score, purple doubles your move (so you attack or block twice instead of one), and finally green, the rarest one, yields a brand new health point! The gradients show you where to beat the beat to get the most point : the whiter the more points you'll get!

— — — ✍️ Story ✍️— — —

I made up a little story in case this project goes on (and I wish it will!). The setting is an anachronic post-modern medieval monarchy where all kinds of creature live, listen to techno beats and, most importantly, resolves minor incidents and conflicts by dancing instead of beating each other up (that's why there is Mr. Peterson as P1 and Ms. Robinson as P2)! I would love to design the whole cour with the King, the Queen, a valet, peasants, nobles, mystics, creatures from the forest in a cute-ish style like the character in this prototype (who in my opinion would be the jester!).

— — — 🤞What's next? 🤞— — —

I would love to design new characters, craft new animations, produce more tracks, and replace that awful background. Oh also I would cry tears of joy if I could release this project on Nintendo Switch (or any other platforms, but I think the Switch would be a great match for this type of game).

In order to do so, I think it would be a good idea to create a Kickstarter page and set a reasonable goal in order to buy me some free time, a switch dev kit, and maybe get help from people to design background scenes, which I suck at, and network dev to play online. If you think this is something you might give 5, 10 or 50 bucks, please tell me and maybe this project would see the world in a near future!

— — — 🤓 More infos if you read this far 🤓— — —

So I've made this thing over a weekend. All the contents excepted the background image, the font and the crowd audiotrack is by me. Do not hesitate to critic, even if it's harsh. I don't have many people to test it with as most of my entourage suck at dancing game (and i do to, i have to admit but i'm slightly better anyway). If you would like to listen to more musical experiments I made, head over to :)

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