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A Piece Of The Universe [prototype]

A densely interactive pottering-about simulator with hidden phantasms, made in VR, for VR. · By naam

Some suggestions

A topic by aimetribolet created Apr 22, 2018 Views: 331 Replies: 3
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Hi Heer Naam

I just downloaded your demo and played with things around. I ran the demo with Oculus Touch.
You've done a great and awesome job here because you're giving us a much more immersive experience when we can interact with a lot of things is the world. I think it's getting a great potential to become a very fun adventure game to play.

Here is a list of what I have noticed that might get improved.

  • My computer is old and I still have a GTX780  so the demo lagged for a while for me when starting the 1st screen.
    => does the demo start at the lowest gear preferences ?
  • Still ar the first screen I could hardly grab the plug because it's to far from me (touch controller get outside of tracking field when I try to reach the plug)
    => maybe give the ability to reset position with ABXY button
  • when getting out of the room (at the gear settings room) the outdoor view is way to bright so we can't see the teleport curve line/feets and we have to guess to get out (hopefully, I tested your 1st version and I knew how it worked but it may be not obvious to newbies)
    => maybe set a 360° image of the camp around the room
  • all the tap handles are turning the wrong way.
    => Universally, it should be turning clockwise to close and counterclockwise to open.
  • the floor is set to low for me so it's impossible to grab things on the floor (like things a grabbed but fell of the growned
    => maybe give the ability to reset character position with ABXY button
  • Sometimes objects disappear when I hold an object in my hand while teleporting around (maybe it hit something along the way and bounced the object randomly somewhere! eg. I could not find the lighter or the match box anymore when that happened)
    => I don't know what's really happening

I will update this thread later if I find other things


Sweet, all excellent points Aime! Thanks for taking the time, hope it didn't make the experience too frustrating!

Can you tell me a bit about your setup? Are you seated? Is your tracking space very small?

Is the floor correct in other VR apps? I have no access to your tracking setup from within APOTU so I have no way to know where your actual floor is, the VR drivers usually take pretty good care of this.

I've been setting up APOTU as a standing, room-scale experience, with some extra's for front-facing tracking (the teleport-rotation). It's been proving hard to take everyone's situation into account. But I'm juggling some ideas that should make it more accessible for other setups (height adjustment, dashing, and perhaps telekynesis), so your feedback is greatly appreciated. 

The app starts in medium settings, not low. Low looks too much off to me to be the default. I deliberately place you in a graphically taxing room so you're sure you can handle the framerate. 

The disappearing objects simply shouldn't happen, it should teleport with you, maybe you hit an exceptional situation, do let me know if you can reproduce it!

The taps – my GAWD! You're right! How could I have tested it so much and not notice! VR man, it messes with your mind!



My Setup: PC i7-4770 32G RAM/ Nvidia GTX780 / Win7 / Oculus Rift Touch
I'm standing but only have 1,5m² of room around.
I've made a sensor reset with a height that is slightly lower than I am.
Now it's ok to grab things on the floor (in any app, btw, so it's related to oculus setup)

Now it looks like the stating point is ok with your default setup.
Since I've added a 4 USB3-PCI card, tracking is more stable.
Your VR experience is better and I did not get the objects jumping off and disappearing anymore.
So it was my side gear setup issue.

When starting the VR app, just mention to stand 1 m away from sensors so we can go forward to grab the plug.
For the teleport, sometimes it's difficult to get to close to specific spot because there is an object on the way (like being close to the table to use the writing machine because the chair is on the way).  Maybe, allow to teleport into the chair space anyway (like if we would be sitting on it)!

What I LOVE the most: 

being transported (headphones on) to discover another world with another totally different mood + being surprised by something odd but amazing (the titan ship crossing  by your backyard. That genius & impressive!

So I wood suggest you to create other new totally different worlds & moods to discover and being surprised by something that only VR experience can make it possible to live. (I want to discover your upcoming mysterious forest for example).
Or being in space, underwater, in between atoms & molecules, flying around magic world, whatever fantastic world you could imagine

yes, having the power of telekinesis on giant rocks or a spaceship (the force be with you)  or whatever is huge!

Because you can feel quickly lonely and bored after playing with all the things around you can, being transported to other worlds is key to keep us interested in the VR app, and the next step would be to solve something with things you brought from other worlds and trigger something outstanding. You could also invite people activate special pots in the different world so it creates connections between them and activate different features in the connected worlds.

Can you imagine what fun and interesting play it will be when your app is on  Spaces so we can be a lot of people playing around yours world and cooperate to achieve great outstanding & amazing things?
I believe in what your are doing here, to its great potential to make us feel unknown fantastic worlds.

PS: Something everybody should try is to stand up on the road, wait until a car/truck is approaching and let yourself being hit by it, then you feel a quick fear, maybe being death for a second and the joy of being still alive (or a ghost!)
That's something you could get great ideas to make people live high emotion VR experience.

Eager to have an update with one or 2 of these ideas ;)


Thanks so much!

Glad to hear what parts are fixed with a re-calibration, 'cause they would've been the hardest problems to fix on my side : ).

As for your suggestions: seems you have a very keen sense of where I want to take this ; ). Not making any promises, but for a slight spoiler check this. Yes, there should be more phantasmical outings! They should tie up with the sense of the place though, so I'm ony slowly discovering them. 

As far as telekynesis is concerned: I meant it more like a solution to hard-to-reach objects (for people playing seated, for example): that you can pick up objects outside of your reach somehow, maybe manipulate them from a distance. It should happen without breaking the groundedness of the world though, so I'm still puzzling with it. 

Thank you! Very helpful this!