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Sweet, all excellent points Aime! Thanks for taking the time, hope it didn't make the experience too frustrating!

Can you tell me a bit about your setup? Are you seated? Is your tracking space very small?

Is the floor correct in other VR apps? I have no access to your tracking setup from within APOTU so I have no way to know where your actual floor is, the VR drivers usually take pretty good care of this.

I've been setting up APOTU as a standing, room-scale experience, with some extra's for front-facing tracking (the teleport-rotation). It's been proving hard to take everyone's situation into account. But I'm juggling some ideas that should make it more accessible for other setups (height adjustment, dashing, and perhaps telekynesis), so your feedback is greatly appreciated. 

The app starts in medium settings, not low. Low looks too much off to me to be the default. I deliberately place you in a graphically taxing room so you're sure you can handle the framerate. 

The disappearing objects simply shouldn't happen, it should teleport with you, maybe you hit an exceptional situation, do let me know if you can reproduce it!

The taps – my GAWD! You're right! How could I have tested it so much and not notice! VR man, it messes with your mind!