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Izeeware & Blood Drop, it's over 馃挃 Sticky

A topic by Izeeware created 42 days ago Views: 9
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Hi everyone,

it's with the biggest regret that I announce you the end of Izeeware and consequently of Blood Drop.

After 3 years of struggle to exist, I have to face the facts: it's a failure.

The reasons for this failure are various, the pandemic, the lack of visibility, the lack of interest from the public, the saturated indie market and surely some mistakes from me... Despite all my good will and a lot of work, the game is totally invisible and Izeeware has no more money to continue its development and release a final version. This way, this project will join the (too) long list of games not leaving the early access status.

In the last few months, I had to face big financial problems and I had to find a new job, so the development stopped. I must admit that the lack of community and visibility didn't really motivate me to look for a way to continue.

I'm not giving up on the idea of releasing something one day but for the moment I have to focus on my family and get back to financial health.

Thanks to the few people who supported me. This is not a farewell, just a goodbye.