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Hi everyone,

it's with the biggest regret that I announce you the end of Izeeware and consequently of Blood Drop.

After 3 years of struggle to exist, I have to face the facts: it's a failure.

The reasons for this failure are various, the pandemic, the lack of visibility, the lack of interest from the public, the saturated indie market and surely some mistakes from me... Despite all my good will and a lot of work, the game is totally invisible and Izeeware has no more money to continue its development and release a final version. This way, this project will join the (too) long list of games not leaving the early access status.

In the last few months, I had to face big financial problems and I had to find a new job, so the development stopped. I must admit that the lack of community and visibility didn't really motivate me to look for a way to continue.

I'm not giving up on the idea of releasing something one day but for the moment I have to focus on my family and get back to financial health.

Thanks to the few people who supported me. This is not a farewell, just a goodbye.


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What's in the demo?

The demo contains the first five levels of Blood Drop. If you want to buy the early access, your saves are compatible and automatically supported.

Is it better to play with a gamepad or the keyboard?

The game is designed to be played with a gamepad in priority and it is much more comfortable to play under these conditions. However, keyboard support has been added (Azerty/Qwerty/Qwertz/Dvorak). 

What are the supported gamepads? 

The game was developed primarily with an Xbox One controller but it will work seamlessly with a Playstation controller or Switch Pro controller. More exotic devices will work but the key mapping will be that of an xbox controller. As long as there is a dual trigger system and two analog sticks, that shouldn't be a problem. 

Will other languages be added? 

If the game sells enough to allow me to pay translators, that's a possibility because some things are ready for it. 

Why can't I play on my old PC from 15 years ago? 

The game was developed under DirectX 11 and it will not run well on graphics cards until 2013. The game uses quite a few graphics effects which can be overwhelming on very old machines (particles, shaders, shadows and reflections). Also, the best experience is at 60 fps because the game is very fast and requires a lot of reflexes. The minimum configuration listed on the game's page promises Blood Drop can run at 1080p and 60fps. 

How many levels are planned in the final release? 

About forty and they will be added as the early access updates. 

Can online scores be reset during early access?

I'd like to say "no, don't worry, I have an army of developers who know how to handle it and powerfull tools to migrate all scores" but I don't like to lie so yes, i'm alone and it could happen. However, I'll try to communicate before except in case of force majeure.

Will any new gameplay mechanics be added? 

Yep, sure, but the core of de game won't change (the speed, one touch = one death, leaderboards, etc). 

But how is this game going to end? 

Hoping that I can have the means to achieve what I have in the head, it will be a WTF end! 

Why Blood Drop is so hard ?

Because i'm a sadist!

Is the game planned for other platforms? 

Oh, i wish so much...

Is the price of early access not too high? 

Honestly? No, I don't think so. I'm a very small developer, I do everything by myself without outside help since two years and I d'ont have, at the time of writing this FAQ, any income other than unemployment benefit which is going to end soon. I have to feed my family!

Will the price of the game change between now and the game's release?

It is possible that the price of the game will increase as development nears completion or as the amount of content increases. However, Blood Drop will remain at a lower price for the duration of the early access.

Do you plan to finish developing this game one day?

Obviously yes! The only thing to consider is the time to finish it. If I can't make a living from the sales of the game, I'll have to look for work (and there is a chance that it will) and it will necessarily take longer... But this project is too close to my heart and took way too long for me to let it go.
The development is now stopped and the title cancelled because Izeeware no longer exists. Please do not report any residual bugs (there are surely some), the title will unfortunately not be updated anymore and I will not answer them. Thank you for your understanding. The press release is here: