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Spooky Starlets

A card-based porn simulator that tasks you with producing hardcore monstergirl smut! · By TinyHat-Studios

Unable to download the game

A topic by AldyDaldy created Jun 26, 2022 Views: 413 Replies: 2
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Sooo.. I've just purchased the game and went to download it, but the installer says that it's unable to download it as it is "Hosted on an incompatible 3rd party website."

Anyone seen this before and know how to resolve it, or is this just a weird issue on my end?


I'm assuming you're using the Itch client. Unfortunately, the client can't download and install files from third-party file hosters. You'll need to log into your Itch account via a web browser and download the zip file with the game manually. Then unpack it wherever you want and start the game from there.

You absolute legend, thanks a ton! That was indeed the issue.