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Can you get to the end without getting caught?

A topic by Bounce Back Games created 6 days ago Views: 22
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Don't Get Caught! is my first foray into game development. It's not the prettiest or smoothest, it has one dance song playing in the background for the whole game, but by god it's probably the greatest game ever made! (Disclaimer: This is not the greatest game ever made)

Players control a little round fellow, called yellow, and must race to the end of ten short, but increasingly difficult levels before the ever-chasing Red Hunter catches them. Many obstacles will get in the way of our player, but some useful power-ups can also be found to help our player overcome these and reach the end, setting a hi-score and quickly moving on to the next level.

Best played with a controller, but keyboard is also fine if that's your thing.

Can be played in the browser or downloaded for free. 

Can you complete all ten levels?

Lets find out -