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The Secrets Of Nilhorn

A topic by Black Ship Studio created Apr 19, 2016 Views: 195
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The Secrest of Nilhorn is roguelike game. It was stared for my engineering thesis. Later also my fiancée start to make graphics for game. For now projects is I think in pre-alpha stage and you can play it here:


We use Wave Engine which is free .net based engine. On top of that we build 2 level generators, map model, isomeric renderer, collision handler and simple physics.

Current state:

  • 2 from 3 playable characters
  • one floor type - this will chance because game have to floors generators but one is unstable and need more optimization work to add it into playable pre-alpha release
  • meele and range weapons
  • 6 types of enemies

For 0.3 version we want to add more content because for now we ware focused on mechanics and so on. In a short we want to add more effects, animations, skills and more.

If you have some suggestion and opinions we are glad to hear them.