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Car Chess

A topic by Sandy Pug Games created Apr 19, 2018 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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I'm going to put together a small miniatures race/battle/defense game based on chess pieces and movement, hope that's ok with the rules. The general concept right now is movement based on Car Lengths, and you can build a "squad" from the various chess pieces; I.E. one car can be a Knight, one a Rook, etc, with different special moves and attacks for each.

Sounds cool, especially if you include obstacles or void tiles. 

I'm testing out a kind of draft system for Obstacles, where each person places an object of their choice around them until they both agree it looks good, it works out pretty well so far!

Just posted the first draft of the rules with art and stuff. Gotta play around with this a bit, its still a lil rough at the starting line, but its neat enough to share now