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Ninja Dude vs Zombies - endless tower defense tap'n'slash mayhem!

A topic by AdoreGames created Apr 19, 2016 Views: 1,404 Replies: 16
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Hello folks!

We're delighted to release our fresh game on iOS with Android version coming up soon - an endless double-tap zombie arcade action where you have to survive a zombie invasion and kill as many zombies as possible by tapping on both sides of the screen.

Feel free to comment on the game here:

Release date on iOS: June, 1st 2016

Ninja Dude vs Zombies on the App Store:

Ninja vs. Zombies stand-out features:

  • - Plunge into smooth and nonintrusive tap'em'all action. Easy to start, hard to get unhooked;
  • - Unlock more than 100 cute ninja heroes each with its own features and settings;
  • - Simple and easy controls;
  • - Fast-paced gameplay might seem easy at first, but becomes tricky as you play more;
  • - Share a fruity zombie kill or record with your friends;
  • - Complete various daily missions and earn gold coins.
Gameplay teaser:

Official Facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter:

Please share your thoughts, impressions, and suggestions about the game. We'll be more than happy to receive your feedback and make the game better!

Hope you'll love our game!

Official website ready:

Please have a look and tell us what you think! ;)

Hey, everyone!

Please read our official announcement with some details on our upcoming Ninja Dude vs Zombies game: AdoreStudio's Upcoming Ninja Dude vs Zombies, Endless Tap'n'Slash Clicker, Gives Arcade Games a Whole New Twist

Little time left for you to jump at a chance to test the game out! Really look forward to receiving your feedback! Game on!

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We've successfully passed Apple review and are now gearing up for the upcoming release! It took us 2 days to get approved by Apple team!

If you'd like to play the release version of the game, please request a promo code here.
If you didn't have a chance to beta test the game, but still wants to try it out and give us your feedback on the game (which we may include in the 1st update of the game), don't by shy and request a promo code too! We're always open to your feedback on any development stage!

Request a promo code here

We've released the app! Feel free to download in from the App Store and leave your review :)

Get Ninja Dude vs Zombies on the App Store

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We got reviewed on TechCrunch!

Read their review here:

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Our first update released! Check it out right away:

What's new:

  • Option to unlock a random ninja for a limited time;
  • Support for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean;

Please leave a rating and give your feedback so that we could make further improvements to the game!

Update is live on the App Store! Go get it, everyone!

Here's a run-down of the brand new adjustments players will receive after the update 1.2 is out:

  • - New background: sewers;
  • - Improved zombie killing animations warning you not to tap the zombies before they cross the death line;
  • - New daily missions;
  • - Minor improvements and bug fixes;
  • - New tutorial section teaching you how to kill off zombies like a pro.

We also encourages you to submit whatever crazy ideas you have for characters you'd love to play as in the game.

Waiting for your feedback!

Link to the App Store:

Regret to say, we've found several bugs in 1.2. Thank God, Apple review time has been recently decreased drastically. Update 1.2.1 is here to fix some critical bugs.

Here's what we fixed:

• Fixed: Facebook 'Like us' bug;

• Fixed: the game was starting again from the tutorial each new time you opened it.

• Minor bug fixes and enhancements;

Please leave a rating and give your feedback so that we could make further improvements to the game! And don't hesitate to send us whatever crazy ideas you have for characters you'd like to play as in the game.

Plans for the next update disclosed:

Here's a little sneak-peek of what we're thinking of:

  • - epic zombie BOSSES;
  • - option to play as a zombie;
  • - coin doubler;
  • - some kind of blockers to stop zombies;
  • - multiplayer mode

Outstanding let's try video of Ninja Dude vs Zombies by Jonboy:

We got interviewed by Edamame Club!

You can read it at and learn why cookies are so important and where it's all started for Ninja Dude vs Zombies!

We answer the following questions:

  • - Why did you decide to make Ninja Dude vs Zombies?
  • - What programming language and or software did you use when making Ninja Dude vs Zombies?
  • - What was the hardest problem you needed to overcome when developing Ninja Dude vs Zombies?
  • - Where do you get your inspiration or ideas from?

Wowza! Ninja Dude vs Zombies was livestreamed 2 days ago by @TouchGameplay!

Here's the record of the livestream:

Wowza! Check @DaMobileMob's lets play of Ninja Dude vs Zombies!

Link to Youtube:

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We highly recommend everyone to support Youtube letsplayer named PatTheGymnast! Here's his video of our Ninja Dude vs Zombies game:

Multiplayer mode WIP


Outline of the features for update 1.3

Hello everyone! We're now 99% sure that you will see the following features after the update 1.3 is out:

  • - 3 epic Zombie BOSSES: they're bigger, they're nastier, they're near-impossible to slash;
  • - New unlockable features: freezer, spike shield, accumulative super slash, zombie mode, combo mastery doubler, and kaomoji emoticons;
  • - New types of zombies: lemurs;
  • - Multiplayer mode – challenge other players to see who'll survive longer in cute heads up tap 'n' slashing battles.