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Survival horror roguelike about a parasite in a modern day setting. · By Max Kowarski

Host Retainment?

A topic by Solar_Silver created 12 days ago Views: 15 Replies: 3
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Something I've noticed (over the course of many games) is that you can't really retain a host you've assimilated. They return to their hostile / agitated state (and will actively attack the 'parasite') even if you detach within a habitat. Are there plans for a pod or some such to retain hosts or is that not a desired feature?


Oops, forgot to release 0.9 here... Gonna release 0.10 today :)

Anyway, about your question. Why would you want to retain a host and not use it? ATM they're not that different, there are no hosts that are much better than the random one you pick on the street. Assimilation does not mean they become friendly, it means that they are now biologically more compatible with the parasite. As for its desirability, the base game is indeed heavily geared towards replaceable hosts (though assimilating hosts allow you to play pretty much the same host for the majority of the game). 

The thought of Retaining a host is more geared towards keeping an already Heavily mutated host (for example; one that you've added full Protective Covering to, or a level 3 health upgrade, or so forth) and exchange for a more discreet one - one with a camouflage cover and neurotoxin 'needles'. So on so forth. 

Simply put I'd like to be able to keep a super-soldier in storage for when stealth has become moot due to how much the humans want me dead. For the most part anyway.


I see your point. I'll think about it more. It's not that hard to implement but it will have limited usability since the habitats are periodically destroyed by the agents and currently there is no way to mitigate that except for using bait habitats.