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The thought of Retaining a host is more geared towards keeping an already Heavily mutated host (for example; one that you've added full Protective Covering to, or a level 3 health upgrade, or so forth) and exchange for a more discreet one - one with a camouflage cover and neurotoxin 'needles'. So on so forth. 

Simply put I'd like to be able to keep a super-soldier in storage for when stealth has become moot due to how much the humans want me dead. For the most part anyway.

Parasite community · Created a new topic Host Retainment?

Something I've noticed (over the course of many games) is that you can't really retain a host you've assimilated. They return to their hostile / agitated state (and will actively attack the 'parasite') even if you detach within a habitat. Are there plans for a pod or some such to retain hosts or is that not a desired feature?

Out of Curiosity, as; I've noticed a number of mistakes with a few sections -in relation to some of the conversations, room descriptions and such- would you be, in the future, looking for a proof reader / editor or the likes? As well as; is English your first Language? 

If not it would probably be best to look for a proof reader / editor so that scenes aren't bogged down with spelling / grammar mistakes.

It's an interesting Tabletop RPG and I'd love to see it expanded upon.

I'd definitely pay some good cash money for this when it's complete.

It's a good game. Nice Music. Simple and I can actually run it in my browser.

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Would you be able to make the Main road able to be switched to a Railroad? It'd make the maps look a lot more "Wild Western" with the hand-drawn style.