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The Moon Fields

Super 64-Bit Sword & Sorcery Action Adventure & PvP · By lunarsignals

How To Play Online Sticky

A topic by lunarsignals created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 571 Replies: 1
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In order to play online you will need to

  • Have a Parsec Gaming account here
  • As a client you will also need a Dualshock 4, XBox 360, or XBox One controller. Please refer to this page for information.
  • As a host you will make sure you have installed the proper controller drivers are installed on your system and have your own copy of The Moon Fields and at least a 5mpbs upload speed
  • Optionally, you should try to matchmake (or just hang out!) with The Moon Fields' community  here.

Currently the Community Nights for online play in The Moon Fields are Monday and Wednesday nights. New builds are generally dropped on Community Nights to try out new and exciting things. The Discord community is a living and breathing thing, though, so people could be looking for games any night of the week. If the official community night changes I'll update this OP.


A step by step on how to use Parsec for your first time:

  1. Download Parsec and make an account
  2. Connect to your friends' accounts via the Parsec application
  3. Decide who will be the Host and who will be the Client(s). The Host runs the game and needs high upload speeds
  4. Using the Play tab, the Client(s) then click Co-Play onto the Host computer.
  5. Using the Host tab, the Host can manually accept each Client to share the Host screen
  6. And finally the Host launches The Moon Fields!