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Cannot handle extreme movements

A topic by DSMagic created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 116 Replies: 3
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So far I'm mostly enjoying FPV Freerider Recharged with only one exception. It has limits on extreme movements. If I push any stick to far it seams to twitch somehow, as though I'm trying to move the stick in the opposite direction. It's extremely annoying. It's very difficult to do any precision flying when the drone is constantly changing directions on it's own, ignoring my control. Very frustrating. I really wish someone could help me find a solution to this problem because I will not be able to enjoy it much longer.


Could you give me some more info- 

Does the stick movement behave as expected if you look at the Trim Settings screen?

(You can go directly to the trim settings screen by clicking Calibrate Controller and then click "Go directly to trim settings")

Are you able to reach all four corners of the box? (Or, slightly beyond, or less)

What controller are you using, and how do you connect it?

Spektrum DX6e.

Everything looks perfect in settings. 

The drone responds as if I bounce off a wall and suddenly change directions. 

It only happens when I’m not on Acro. It seems find in acro. 


I see, if it's in auto leveling mode it's probably the stabilization that is trying to compensate for the extreme movement.

Auto leveling in Freerider is really mostly meant for beginners, flying with low rates. I recommend using acro mode.