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[FAQ] Read Before Posting! Sticky

A topic by Orveia created Jun 14, 2022 Views: 2,945
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= My saves aren't showing up? =

Don't worry, your saves are still there! In Orveia 0.2+, the save directory is different than in 0.1.x. Follow this guide to restore them (It's PC only, but should be similar on other operating systems):

1. Type %AppData% into the address bar of your file explorer

        If that doesn't work, navigate to C:/Users/(Your User)/AppData/Roaming

        It's a hidden file, so if it doesn't show up, you can enable "Show Hidden Files" by following this guide:

2. Look for the RenPy folder

3. There should be a folder named "Untitled-1618007317"

4. There should also be a folder named "Orveia" (if there isn't, open/close the game again)

5. Copy everything inside of the "Untitled-1618007317" folder and paste it into the "Orveia" folder

6. Start the game again, and enjoy!

= I'm lost, is there a game guide? =

No, not at the moment. I would recommend searching through topics in the Community section. If it's not addressed, make your own! If you'd like, you can also join the Discord and ask your questions there!

= I can't seduce the wolves? =

Check in Settings > Preferences. Enable feral scenes and you're good to go!