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[Writer][LFS] Looking for writer to help with game concept

A topic by Anna created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 2
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Working title: Operation Delta
Project stage: Concept Role Required: writer
My Role: I am the game designer, concept creator, team manager, currently all roles except concept art
Team size: currently there are 3 of us working on this project - we are establishing concept art and story line
Project Length: Initially approximately 6 months
Compensation: Hobby

Project Description:
Currently we are in the process of designing a 3D online, multiplayer, first person shooter.  We are looking for a story writer to help us progress the idea and create a story line we can commit to.  I have an overview written which I am happy to share with the right people.

Please let me know if you are interested

Well, I'm an amteur writer, I write mostly in horror-genre, but I think I might suit the case.

Please check my profile for further contact dues, and to see more of my writings. 

Hey there! 

I'm a writer who absolutely loves the way the interactive media of games changes a narrative.

This seems like an interesting project.   If I could get a bit more background information, I could probably get you a writing example more suited to this sort of game, as most of the writing for games I'd been working on so far has been artistic or satirical in nature. 

Example of my Writing in a Game Format (Twine)

Example of My Writing in a Story Format

- Lukas