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The Omni Chronicles: Tales of Androstia (Beta)

A topic by climjark created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 90
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  I am releasing my game for beta access for $5 USD. I am also hosting an event that will run until the full release, the top 10 players to report the most bugs, will get the game for free when released. The rest who bought the beta will be able to pay an extra $2.50 to get the game. When it is released the game will be $10 USD for the rest of the players.

Game Link:  Tales of Androstia

Game Website :

Tales Of Androstia is a 2D Fantasy RPG Game which takes place in the fantasy world of Androstia. Players can spend countless hours on questing, fighting monsters, interacting with over 200 unique characters, and exploring an enormous landscape with over 20 cities. Another unique feature I have included is a branching class system. There are four characters with 4 base classes, once you get to level 30, you will get a skill called Unlock Tier II . You must look for the Class Expert for each class to advance to one of two expert classes. Players can do this again at level 60 with Unlock Tier III.  You can find the list of Class list in the blog section of the website . This is a start of a lore-driven series. If suggested enough I may implement a book system with multiple books implemented. I may publish some in the blog on the website.

The world of Androstia is big, It has many inhabitants. Always check around to see who, or what, is willing to give you a quest to take care of. This beta release is for Windows, Linux, or Mac. If you get purchase it for one of those and want a copy of the android version when it comes out , i will create a package for you .