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Project 4th Wall [Visual Novel] [Puzzle] [Sci-fi]

A topic by Gushi created Apr 14, 2018 Views: 179 Replies: 6
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Hello everyone, I'm Gushi and I have been working on a visual novel called Project 4th Wall, The game is a sci-fi puzzle game that revolves around the main character testing an AI system that is for a supposed experiment of some sorts. I'll link the game below for you guys to check out more. The demo has been released for quite some time and one out of two routes have been completed but not yet released. The gameplay isn't very long and seems pretty dull at first but once the full game is released there will be more to find. 

The two characters you interact with are Subject R.O.M and subject R.A.M (Subject R.A.M is not yet accessible), the game is planned to have  three good endings and three bad endings with CG's. The fourth possible ending you can get is really boring and not as eventful since it's more of a normal ending (This ending has no CG). Another thing is no route is exactly the same, each route is going to be different in not only dialogue but lore as well, the two routes will also tie together later in the game.

The last thing I'd like to clarify is that this visual novel doesn't have JUST words on the screen, it will also include puzzles and mini games throughout the game to keep you somewhat engaged. Although this part of the game has not been released yet I thought I should put that out there. Like I said before no route is the same so each of the boys will have his own little minigame that you'll have to play through.

So what do you guys think? Would you be interested in playing this game? Are there any questions you have about the game or the game's development? If so don't be afraid to leave a comment, I'll answer almost anything unless the answer contains spoilers. I'll post updates to the game here from time to time and try to stay on top of updates as much as I can, I'm currently almost ready to start production of R.A.M's route  so most updates from here now on will be on him.

Heres the game, It's only the demo however: Projec4thWall

Project 4th Wall UPDATE: 4/25/18:

Hello everyone I bring good news and I bring bad news, The good news is R.A.M's route has started development however the bad news is the time I've been having to code is getting slimmer and slimmer. School is kicking my butt right now and testing has started meaning I've been focusing more on that. Then once testing is complete I also have some medical stuff going on not this Tuesday coming up but the Tuesday after and I could be gone for god knows how long whether its in the hospital or recovering at home.

I'm sorry about this sucky update but I felt you guys should know.

Hello everbody! I have a few updates for Project fourth wall! Both R.A.M and R.O.M have mini games now:

if you wanna check out the full update with more detail check the official develop log here:

Project 4th Wall Update 5/11/18

Hello guys, I have some good news the long and short of it is that I'm working on endings as of right now and thinking about a possible release date for the full version of Project 4th Wall. I can't talk about the endings at the moment considering there are a lot of spoilers but you can check the entire devlog here to get a more in detail explanation as to what's going on:

Project 4th Wall: UPDATE 6/2/18

It seems have get the character trust you. They have personal mission for you, form understanding?

Hello, I'm sorry I took so long to respond to your comment,  but yes you have to gain their trust, but the trust meter will help you unlock certain choices in the game and help you get to another part of the game.

Hello everybody! It's me Gushi again with another post with an update on Project fourth wall. I've released a leak and release date will be coming very soon so look out for that!

The link to the leaks