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Hecaton - A Futuristic Action Rogue-like

A topic by Nightwatchman Games created Apr 13, 2018 Views: 90
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Hey everybody.

I've recently uploaded an Alpha version of Hecaton.  It's a sci-fi action game set on the terraformed moon, Titan.  You play the role of Patriot, a bounty hunter fighting against Space Pirates and the arcane Morai cult.  

Hecaton is a fast-paced action heavy platformer, but is also an ability-based RPG with powerful unlocks, both run-based and permanent.  Utilizing both  action and tactics is required to succeed.  

The current version of Hecaton includes 1 playable character, 3 maps, 12 unlockable keystones, and 30 items.  

If you're a fan of other great rogue-likes including Rogue Legacy and Risk of Rain, or if you're a fan of Action RPGs, give Hecaton a try!