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Remote Weapon GunFencer

A fast-paced horizontal shoot'em up with a fencing mecha, colorful drones and lots of cake slices! · By M.Knight

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A topic by M.Knight created Apr 12, 2018 Views: 47
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Developer (3 edits)

DEMO 6 (2018-07-24)

  • -[FEATURE] Added child enemy mechanic : some enemies/bosses spawn child enemies that inflict damage on the enemy that spawned them when they are killed
  • -[FEATURE] Medals now behave like the Dangun Feveron discomen, with almost every enemy dropping a medal and them moving to a side before boucing and going in the other direction. There is no penalty for missing a medal though.
  • -[FEATURE] Added a 1-Up and an extend item
  • -[BUGFIX] Stick axes inversion option for Arcade sticks
  • -[BUGFIX] Fixed scaling errors in the stage 2 backgrounds
  • -[BUGFIX] Stage 2 pink sunfish enemy properly moves more slowly if the game slows down
  • -[BUGFIX] Fixed the truck wheels rotation
  • -[ADDITION] Added Stage 3
  • -[ADDITION] Cake slices are spawned when you are hit to instantly recharge the bomb
  • -[ADDITION] Bullets have a small scale-based animation and a sound effect when spawned to better telegraph them. The bullets are harmless during that animation.
  • -[ADDITION] Added a visual effect in front of the mecha's machine gun when firing a shot
  • -[ADDITION] Added a particle effect on top of the previous indicator to better tell when the bomb is ready
  • -[ADDITION] Added SFX for the autobomb
  • -[ADDITION] The mecha's visor's 3D model also flickers with it when the player gets hit by a bullet
  • -[ADDITION] Updated stage intro visuals
  • -[ADDITION] Added boosters effects to some enemies
  • -[ADDITION] Added SFX to Warning sequences
  • -[ADDITION] Added Dialogue Boxes with some snippets during stage intros, boss intros, and boss destruction
  • -[ADDITION] Added background objects and events in both stages
  • -[ADDITION] Added Background SFX in Stage 1
  • -[ADDITION] Added square cursor that hovers over the current initial on the name entry screen as well as a sound effect when an initial is entered
  • -[ADDITION] The SFX level in the option menu dynamically changes the SFX level and plays a sound effect to give an idea of the new sound level
  • -[ADDITION] Pressing "Cancel" on the main menu returns you to the title screen
  • -[ADDITION] Added transparency effect to pause menu
  • -[ADDITION] The pause menu can be closed by pressing the pause button again
  • -[ADDITION] Confirmation menus appear in the option menus when leaving it while having unsaved changes or when trying to delete the high scores
  • -[ADDITION] Added tutorial sections to explain some of the new mechanics
  • -[ADDITION] The "Escape" key always works as a pause button.
  • -[ADDITION] Added disclaimer text on the title screen
  • -[CHANGE] Rehauled Stage 2 waves and enemies.
  • -[CHANGE] Boss Time bonus and boss point values rebalanced to better focus on the speedkilling and increasing the point difference bewteen a fast and a regular clear.
  • -[CHANGE] Adjusted cake spawning during bosses so that sword slashes give less cake slices and so that the generated items don't give points
  • -[CHANGE] Nerfed pink tank agressiveness to make it only fire once
  • -[CHANGE] Modified boss 1 patterns
  • -[CHANGE] Boosted the number of cake slices given by the pink sunfish enemy in Stage 2
  • -[CHANGE] Mid-bosses can now generate enough items to recharge the entire bomb when quick-killed
  • -[CHANGE] Adjusted some small enemies' behavior so that they don't fire at the player if he is very close
  • -[CHANGE] Various tweaks to enemy waves
  • -[CHANGE] Removed camera shaking when player gets hit : instead, a particle effect is played
  • -[CHANGE] Changed Stage 1 skybox to be more colorful
  • -[CHANGE] Changed stage 2 floor color scheme to be much less bland and gray
  • -[CHANGE] Improved Stage 1 Park bridge 3d model
  • -[CHANGE] Adjusted BG camera motions to be a bit smoother
  • -[CHANGE] Cake slices movement is more dynamic-looking
  • -[CHANGE] Minor optimizations to some 3d models, textures, 2 assets and tutorial sprites
  • -[CHANGE] Restarting the level does not reload the entire scene but properly resets all the parameters and objects. This makes restarts much faster.
  • -[CHANGE] Changed the Stage Select menu visuals
  • -[CHANGE] "Set Default Options" in the options menu only reverts the options to default without immediatly saving them.
  • -[CHANGE] Fixed typos in the tutorial text

DEMO 5 (2018-04-13)

  • -[BUGFIX] Fixed a ranking display glitch where some of the initials (the empty space and the numbers) produced unwanted characters on the scoreboard.
  • -[BUGFIX] Fixed bug where pressing the Cancel button during initial entry when no initials were entered actually entered characters related to the cancel symbol.
  • -[BUGFIX] Fixed a bug where a boss could get locked in the knockback state and become a sitting duck until its death if it was knocked back on the exact same frame where he had to move to the next attack in the previous phase.
  • -[BUGFIX] Fixed the error where the sword animation would sometimes spazz out like crazy when the player pauses the game mid-swing.
  • -[ADDITION] Added a boss destruction sequence. The boss now explodes a lot when destroyed instead of instantly disappearing,and the BG camera shakes a bit during the final explosion
  • -[ADDITION] Animated the Game Over, Stage Clear and Score Recap sequences at the end of a run.
  • -[ADDITION] Added a point display for every ennemy killed
  • -[ADDITION] Added visible lifebars during boss fights.
  • -[ADDITION] Added names to the 2 bosses. Boss 1 is "ROCKET CLAW". Boss 2 is "INDIGO WING"
  • -[ADDITION] Added the last three planned poses/sprites for Emily in the tutorial menu.
  • -[ADDITION] Added a fade-out transition effect to Emily's portaits in the tutorial section.
  • -[CHANGE] Replaced many placeholder UI elments with proper art assets : Pause menu, menu arrows, ranking screen, options, tutorial menu, boss warning, wave bonus displays, boss time bonus display, medal bonus display, Game Over, Stage Clear
  • -[CHANGE] The in-game Life/Bomb/Score counter's 3D model has been replaced by an art asset that visually matches the other UI elements' style.-[CHANGE] The score recap at the end of a run is now visible even for players who didn't make it to the ranking
  • -[CHANGE] Renamed "Practice" to "Stage Select" to reduce confusion about the mode
  • -[CHANGE] The Stage Select mode now displays a preview of the selected stage's background instead of the same artwork as in the main menu
  • -[CHANGE] Changed most if not all the text displayed on screen for an outlined variant.
  • -[CHANGE] Replaced the empty space initial by an underscore.
  • -[CHANGE] Multiple wave bonuses indicators can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
  • -[CHANGE] Changed the Gunfencer's 3D model's orientation to a side-view in order to help locating the hitbox.
  • -[CHANGE] Decreased the outline thickness on the GunFencer's sword
  • -[CHANGE] Replaced Stage 1 mid boss' 3D model for yet another redesign.
  • -[CHANGE] Updated one of the Stage 2 spotlight textures to be darker
  • -[CHANGE] Decreased the size of cake slices to improve lisibility
  • -[CHANGE] Darkened the BG to improve visibility
  • -[CHANGE] Updated the "Rayons de Soleil" texture on the stage 1 bakery.
  • -[CHANGE] Replaced BG advert mockups in Stage 1 by higher quality fake-ads.
  • -[CHANGE] Changed the Stage 1 boss entrance camera movements to turn towards the plaza during the warning and not during the fight
  • -[CHANGE] Updated Stage 2 boss entrance SFX
  • -[CHANGE] Tweaked the BG camera movements for smoother turns and transitions
  • -[CHANGE] Nerfed HP of the stage 2 blue popcorn enemy that fires clusters of 4 bullets so that it matches the other popcorn enemies's health.
  • -[CHANGE] Increased the medal movement speed a bit
  • -[CHANGE] Slightly updated Emily's artwork to fix a few shading and line errors
  • -[CHANGE] Updated the tutorial dialogue to make it clearer that Emily is the one to pilot the mecha in-universe instead of the player.

DEMO 4  (2018-03-06)

  • -[CHANGE] Removed Debug Info, cleaned up player shot 3D model, reduced amount of pooled bullets, and adjusted camera settings to improve game performance

DEMO 3 (2018-03-02)

  • - [ADDITION] Stage 2
  • - [ADDITION] The game finally has a name, a title screen and a kickass logo !
  • - [ADDITION] Added BG elements and events in Stage 1, including the cheapest-looking and cheapest-animated fire effect known to man~
  • - [ADDITION] Added icons to menu options, so you can navigate them even if you don't know how to read ! (or due to language barrier)
  • - [ADDITION] Player shots now have a black outline
  • - [ADDITION] The mecha is displayed in the options when the selected option is relevant to it.
  • - [ADDITION] Emily's sprites are displayed in the options menu when the Clothing Change option is selected
  • - [ADDITION] Added a sound effect for non-lethal sword damage inflicted on an enemy
  • - [ADDITION] Player mech has booster animations when he moves forward
  • - [ADDITION] Added a booster animation to one of the enemies (The light orange one that fires two long blue bullets forward)
  • - [FEATURE] Some enemy types drop a medal (among three types) when killed. These medals are each worth a fixed amount of points, depending on the medal type
  • - [FEATURE] Stage select mode
  • - [FEATURE] Individual ranking tables are available for each stage played in stage select mode
  • - [FEATURE] Customize the mecha color among four color schemes : Blue, Red, Green, Orange
  • - [FEATURE] More screen aspect ratios are available, but bars will be added to always keep 16:9 aspect ratio in-game
  • - [FEATURE] Added animated arrows in most menus
  • - [FEATURE] Togglable circular indicator that surrounds the hitbox, for those who have issues keeping track of the hitbox's current location at any time
  • - [FEATURE] An option allows to automatically skip the opening animation
  • - [FEATURE] When changing the language in the options menu, the option menu text changes
  • - [CHANGE] Boss 1 is different : new design, some differences to the patterns
  • - [CHANGE] Adjusted camera movements in Stage 1 to avoid passing right behind lampposts
  • - [CHANGE] The autobomb penalty that increases the amount of cake items required to get another bomb ready is no longer active once you bomb again manually
  • - [CHANGE] The whole mech flickers when damaged
  • - [CHANGE] Tweaks to boss warning sequences
  • - [CHANGE] Tweaks to the enemy explosions (sound effects and graphics)
  • - [CHANGE] The cursor in menus only reaches the bottom if it is the last item in the menu list, and only reaches the top if it is the first
  • - [CHANGE] Changed color of two of the enemies to a lighter shade of gray, to help them stand out against the roads
  • - [CHANGE] Adjusted some hitbox color options to avoid them completely blending with the available mecha colors
  • - [CHANGE] Most of the smaller enemies don't fire at point-blank range anymore
  • - [BUGFIX] When game is slowed down, the speed decrease applied to the player's shots matches the general slowdown instead of being even slower
  • - [BUGFIX] Fixed the camera shaking glitch where getting hit the instant the camera moves from a path to another made it fly very high and slowy descend to where it should be

DEMO 2 (2017-12-29)

  • - [BUGFIX] The game speed is the same for all of the elements on screen even when slowdown occurs, instead of having lots of desyncs with the camera not being affected by the slowdown for example.
  • - [FEATURE] An option allows you to switch the hitbox color. 5 colors so far : White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink
  • - [FEATURE] Additionnal input options in the Input menu, with Horizontal and Vertical axes, if you want to use Joysticks.
  • - [ADDITION] Added more background items (Bus Stops, Trees, Park entrances, etc.)
  • - [ADDITION] Some background elements can now be animated. The stage intro and the beginning of the stage proper have some background action involving cars and enemies.
  • - [CHANGE] The mid-boss as well as the sunfish-looking ennemy are replaced by different designs. Their behavior remains unchanged.
  • - [CHANGE] The sword slashes, lacking in visiblity, have been updated with much easier to see variants.
  • - [CHANGE] Due to a bug that I haven't fixed yet and that is caused by the solution to the slowdown problem, the camera shaking when hit has been replaced by a flash for now. (well, it is actually a camera shake so intense that the background disappears for a second, giving the impression of a flash)
  • - [CHANGE] Changed the ranking menu graphics to have a more coherent and readable score ranking.
  • - [CHANGE] Changed the game icon to a smaller resolution equivalent.

DEMO 1 (2017-12-20)

  • -Initial Release