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A topic by AustinWallbank created Apr 11, 2018 Views: 353 Replies: 6
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I've purchased this game and have downloaded but when I click on the folder It doesn't open?  Am I not downloading it correctly? 


Hey, did you unzip the folder?

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If you right click on the folder you downloaded there should be an 'Extract all' option.

Then open the new folder it creates and run the TrainSet file.

Hello, we are still unable to run the game, we extract all and it gives us an error.  When it does download it never actually saves to our lap top and in have to run it as administrator, which never allows us to save our sons tracks.  How do I save and use this game successfully.

In the save menu, did you enter a name at the top and click the 'Create' button? Does a new item appear in the list or nothing?

I'm not  sure where the save menu is?

Developer (2 edits)

Sorry when you said you cannot save the game I thought you meant the progress within the game.

Do you mean that the game files disappear and you cannot keep them?