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Code-to-Bot for Gamemaker: Studio

Converts comments from Gamemaker Projects to be used in Twitter-bots. · By Jonas Mumm

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A topic by Jonas Mumm created Apr 10, 2018 Views: 186
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Step-by-Step Guide for using Code-to-Bot for Gamemaker: Studio

  1. Download Code-to-botGM.jar from
  2. Launch Code-to-botGM.jar.
    1. This window will open. Click Start - Choose Projects Directory.
    1. In this window, navigate to the folder all your projects are saved in. Usually it'sin  C:\Users\<<username>>\GameMaker\Projects. The Program will search all subfolders for scripts and objects. Click Open to select this directory.
  4. Wait. Depending on how many things your directory contains, the process of searching for comments might take up to a full minute.
    1. After the process is finished, a text window will open, containing all the contents you need for your bot! This file is also saved inside the directory you chose earlier.
    1. Head over to sign in with the account you want to use for your Twitter-bot.
    1. Delete everything from the Tracery JSON textfield.
    1. Copy-Paste all the content of the textfile you generated before into the Tracery JSON textfield.
    1. Adjust the settings at the bottom to match your preferences and click SAVE.
    1. Congratulations! You just created your own comments-bot!