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[LFP] [3D Animator] Animator looking for game to help on to use for demo reel

A topic by thomas.swanson.rsm created Apr 10, 2018 Views: 94 Replies: 3
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Hey there, I'm a 3D animator who is looking for a game to help out with some I have more past experience to show on a resume. My most recent work can be seen at or at

I do mostly character animation but am incredibly interested in creature animation as well as environment animation. Let me know if you'd like to chat about your project or see more of my game dev work. 

Hey thomas :D Currently we have a small team with 5 people and are searching for another guy who has skills in 3d design, do you have discord maybe?


I'm a writer, if you need one :') sorry to interrupt, but check my profile, if u need one


Hey Subjektiv! I do have a discord, it's Thomas.Swanson.anim#2616 
If I'm not on, feel free to email me on and I'll hop on :)