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Impulse Drive PWYW

A roleplaying game about misfits and spaceships, Powered By The Apocalypse. · By Adrian Thoen


A topic by SpaceDiceMan created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 344 Replies: 3
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How well could it be used for a Firefly game?


Hi SpaceDiceMan!

Firefly was one of the inspirations when I wrote the game, so you will find elements that feel familiar.

Impulse Drive doesn't have any pre-written setting directly, but there are a few assumptions in the basic moves and archetypes moves which do say something about what the PCs can do and how their situation will respond to them.

If you used the Smuggler ship playbook and sat down with your group to set expectations, you could play a game that felt like firefly in a lot of ways while taking your own spin on it and ruling out some gear or character modifications that don't fit your setting.

Hi Adrian,

[quick look only] I noticed that Intellect give both the engineer and the doctor, while Scoundrel gives both the captain and the pilot, all other are mostly ''warrior''-variations. Dont you think that captain, pilot and engineer are so distinct in spaceship sci-fi that they deserve their dedicated playbook?


Hi Spacediceman

The character roles in Impulse Drive are generally expressed through two different aspects. The first is the most obvious, and is expressed as what they do for their crew as a part of the team - a pilot or face, a detective or tracker, a scientist or doctor, a space wizard, a hardened warrior, etc.

The other aspect is how they interact with the crew - A stoic tough guy, a volatile hothead with a heart of glass, a charming liar, A naive outsider, a shadowy manipulator, a wise figure dispensing advice.

A lot of what made it into an archetype is based on the archetypes we see in popular media. The Scoundrel has a lot of Han Solo in them.