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Infinity Life

A topic by Red Frost created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 216 Replies: 3
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So to sum up this game, It will be like a 2D version of No Man's Sky but it will actually be fun to play, and have more features.

There's going to be some rts aspects, rpg aspects, and even some multiplayer where users can message each other, trade items and probably some other things as well. It's going to be online multiplayer in that sense. Not LAN.

My idea:

Player starts on a planet/space station? Ship is damaged and needs repair. Like no mans sky. Ship comes with a basic radar.

Land on a planet will seed life and collect resources if there are enough seeds and space for resources on-board.

planet resources can be sold for money. There are several types of resources. aome can be used as fuel. others as oxygen. other resources can repair shields. some resources cannot be used for anything but can be sold cheaply.

Selling resources can buy you:

warp drive,
faster mining,
better radar,
collector drones,
beacons for planets,
faster engines,
better ships,

seeds are grown on planets with trees. they can be collected to plant on other planets.
 fuel resources on planets get renewed at the rate of life there is. icy planets restore hot shields. 

upgrades can be dismantled into their constituent resources.

if you get stranded on a planet, your ship will be recovered with a price. if you dont have enough money, resources will be concerted to money. if you still dont have enough money, you wipl be in debt. if your ship has to be recovered and you are already in debt, you can either restart the game or be forced to use your ship to mine resources for the space station which recovered you, until twice the amount of your debt has been paid off. upgrades cannot be used and discoveries cannot be made during this time. if you wreck yoir ship during this time, the game restarts.

there will be several space stations in each galaxy. there you can convert resources to money, and buy upgrades and fuel and oxygen. you can also trade anything with other online players and message other players on the same space station or planet.

planet data will be synced continuously among players on the planet.

planets can be made private with an expensive planet upgrade.

oxygen and fuel on-board depletes over time.
oxygen gets renewed on planets with over 50% life, or can be bought with resources.

planets can get bombarded with asteroids which diminishes life.
planets can be visited by aliens which destroys all life and takes resources.

planets can be defended with shields, turrets.
shields and turrets can be bought with resources.

other things planets can have are fuel reserves, fuel generators, resource reserves.

auto-pilot will use your ship or "Transport Scout" to ship resources/fuel between planets.

"Transport Scout": specialty ships which autonomously visit planets and seeds life and collects resources for you.
"Defender Scout": specialty ships which orbit specified planets to defend them.

ship can only warp to visited planets.

you need enough resources to build a space station.

Map view:

scroll in/out on the map to see more planets depending on your scanner upgrade.
left click on map to expand.
planets are represented by the square markers. purple marker are unvisited planets. Green marker means visited.
A pulsating blue marker is a waypoint.
A Yellow marker is the one you have selected.

Selected markers will tell you information about the planet.
If you have visited the planet, it will say the planet name and eta.
If you have planted a data beacon onto that planet, it will tell you the name, life %, and reseources amount, and eta.

Unvisited planets only show eta.

Right clicking on a visited planet marker allows you to change the name of the planet and upload it to the server.
Visiting planets automatically uploads your discovery to the server.

If the ship has autopilot or a warp drive installed, right clicking on a planet marker will allow you to engage those upgrades to that planet.

Toggle between planet system map and galaxy map. You must have a warp drive to travel to other galaxies.

player needs to place a data beacon to rename planets and upload them.


it starts with an old 1980's style computer monitor terminal screen.
it will prompt the user with things like:

Welcome to Space Game!
Would you like to make an account to play online? Y/N
>>> N
You wont be able to merge offline progress if you decide to play online. Play online? Y/N
>>> N
>>> Y
Set username:
>>> redfrost
Username taken. Set username:
>>> redfrost
Success! Set password:
>>> **********
Done. Initializing...

There will also be rpg elements in the game. The game starts with a 2D stick figure type player. when the game starts, he walks away from the computer terminal.
he can walk around and enter the ship to fly to other planets. The player has a gun to mine resources.

text to speech:

approaching destination.
waypoint is out of radar.

shields resotred.
warning. shields at 25%.
warning. planet is too hot. upgrade your shields.
warning. planet is poisonous. upgrade your shields.

ship refuled.
warning: fuel at 25%.

oxygen restored.
warning. oxygen at 25%.

warning. collision imminent.

warning. ship badly damaged. get repairs immediately
ship fully repaired.


Planets now have asteroids

New update

New screenshot