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The Legendary Of The Mystery Village (PC & ANDROID VERSION)

A topic by Gamezol created Apr 09, 2018 Views: 54
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Addicting games with HD Graphic games, can be categories as an action game with survival element to uncover the truth. Combine with an element of RPG and simulation games. try now and feel it by yourself. Synopsis Johan (the main character) is the village's youth. However, he and his family had to move to the city. At that moment he was forced to leave the memories he grew up in the village. 15 years later Johan returned to his hometown. However. There is a mystery And secret that he does not know behind the village peace. Once upon a time, the village was once has been cursed and until now it was still a mystery to Johan.  This game need player to find the clue and unravel the secret behind these villages. along the way, you will be facing the difficulty to solve some puzzle. yet, they always a villager can help you to solve the puzzle together.