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BTS visual novel - The Crown

A topic by nochustudios created Apr 08, 2018 Views: 295
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Hi! If you like BTS, please consider downloading my demo! The link is below.

Summary from the post:

As the sole heir to the throne of Selchar, you have responsibilities that you will have to handle.  One of them is securing the throne by marrying a prince.

There have been anonymous attacks on the royalty lately and the eight kingdoms decided to meet up at your palace to discuss the problems among the kingdoms as there have also been droughts and natural disasters. Among the royal people who are staying over, the seven eligible princes will also be there.

Whether you choose to pursue Prince Jeongguk, Prince Taehyung, Prince Jimin, Prince Hoseok, Prince Yoongi, Prince Seokjin, or Prince Namjoon, the path you will take will be different. You'll come across betrayal, romance, and lies.

Will you survive?

If you enjoyed the demo, please tweet #BTSTheCrown and follow @nochustudios on Twitter :)

Thank you!!