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The Fermi Paradox ( Early Access )

A narrative strategy game in which your decisions in one corner of the galaxy can upend entire civilizations in another. · By The Fermi Paradox

Patch Notes Sticky

A topic by The Fermi Paradox created May 31, 2022 Views: 13
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Developer (1 edit)

EA Build - 0.67.B.1 ( Small Patch )

  • Bugfix - "Dark Side of the Moon" Signal event is not triggered before the Solar Age anymore
  • Bugfix - fixed some typos and spelling errors

EA Build - 0.67.A.5 ( Farside Update )

  • New Feature - Autosave - The game progress is automatically saved. A timer in the exit menu shows when the last autosave happened.
  • New Sol System Event "Born on the Far Side of the Moon"
  • New Sol System Event "The Lunar Colony"
  • New Cyber Age Event "The Neon Wave"
  • New Solar Age Event "Robo Core"
  • New Lightspeed Age Event "Luminal Trash"
  • New Singularity Age Event "Neural Metal"
  • New Spaceship Event "Battle of the Bands"
  • New Signal Event "The Space Opera"
  • New Colony Event "No Country for our kind!"
  • New Population Crisis Event "The Final Concert"
  • Bugfix - fixed broken savegame, when saving during the tutorial
  • Bugfix - fixed broken savegame, when saving during epilogue
  • Bugfix - fixed broken savegame, when saving during certain final tech options 
  • Bugfix - names of stars, spaceships and civilizations are displayed correctly again after loading a savegame
  • Bugfix - colonies on Alpha Centauri are not invisible anymore

EA Build - 0.66.A.8 ( Hotifx )

  • Bugfix - The the events "We come in Peace" , "Asteroid Tax Haven" and "Hydraulic Fracturing" are showing the correct texts again and not just "VALUE"
  • Bugfix - Several text and typo fixes

EA Build - 0.66.A.7 ( Luna Update )

  • New Feature - Epilogue Screen - After the game ends a summary of the history of the galaxy is shown and the player is rewarded with points depending which ending they reached; how many species survived and if contact was established. Note : The Epilogue feature is Work in Progress and shows only a small description of the galactic history is shown and the score is only saved as a simple high score. In future updates we will expand the Epilogue with more details and will save an overview of your playthroughs.
  • New Species “Wondor from the Kepler System”
  • New Species “Noya from the Kepler System”
  • New Species “V'kay from the Kepler System”
  • New Music Track "Born in the Desert"
  • New Music Track "Caves of Ice"
  • New Music Track "Lost in the Swamps"
  • New Music Track "Lava Lake"
  • New Music Track "Songs of the Ocean"
  • New Music Track "Hyperspace Journey"
  • New Music Track "The Galactic Project"
  • New Music Track "Raindrop Kingdoms"
  • New Music Track "Justice"
  • New Music Track "Born on a Strange Planet"
  • Background Art : New “Crossing the Lava Stream” picture
  • Background Art : New “The Robot Band” picture
  • New Sol System Event "Luna City"
  • New Primordial World Event “Obsidian Revolution"
  • New Primordial World Event “Alloy Adventures"
  • New Primordial World Event “Air Travels"
  • New Primordial World Event “Molten Riches"
  • New Primordial World Event “Lava Canals"
  • New Primordial World Event “Heralds of Fire"
  • New Primordial World Event “Smoke Pits"
  • New Primordial World Event “Magma Shapes"
  • New Primordial World Event “Enforced Eruptions"
  • New Primordial World Event “Stone Farming"
  • New Industrial Age Event “Public Housing"
  • New Industrial Age Event “Machine Gun Mastery"
  • New Nuclear Age Event “Radiocomputer Games"
  • New Nuclear Age Event “Global Medicine Distribution"
  • New Nuclear Age Event “Nuclear Submarines"
  • New Nuclear Age Event “Rising Radiation Levels" 
  • New Digital Age Event "Online Streaming Culture"
  • New Cyber Age Event "Embedded Streamers"
  • New Solar Age Event "Battle Royale"
  • New Lightspeed Age Event "The Robot Arena Battles"
  • New Singularity Age Event "ShipCraft"
  • New FTL Age Event "Lingua Cosmica"
  • New FTL Age Event "The Hyperjump Refuel Station"
  • New FTL Age Event "Space Folding Theory"
  • New FTL Age Event "Nomadic Space Fleets"
  • New FTL Age Event "Deep Space Arms Race"
  • New FTL Age Event "Interstellar Defense Forces"
  • New FTL Age Event "Speculative Cults"
  • New FTL Age Event "The Psychocardiogram"
  • New FTL Age Event "Emotional Hacking" 
  • New Colony Event "The System Stream"
  • New Colony Event "Colonial Streamers"
  • New Starship Event “Invasion Calculation Circle"
  • New Starship Event “Faulty Cryo Chambers"
  • New Starship Event "Gamified Computer Logs"
  • New Signal Event "Xeno Memes"
  • Bugfix - The Wormhole Invader event is fixed and should not spawn an infinite number of Invalid Invasion Fleets anymore
  • Bugfix - The Graveyard Galaxy ending was sometimes not triggered even when all civilizations perished.
  • Bugfix - Twitch Connection is not interrupted anymore for 60 seconds 
  • Bugfix - The Extinction Music track is not continue playing anymore when returning to the Main Menu
  • Bugfix - Outfits of the Odo species had inconsistent colors
  • "One of its kind" - A special ending is triggered if the first species goes extinct before a new one evolves.
  • Attention ! Save Game Compatibility Issues - Save Games of older versions will not trigger evolution events on Planet Ross or the Second Chance Evolution. Also savegames that were saved while an event was active might show the wrong picture of this particular event.