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The Fermi Paradox ( Early Access )

A narrative strategy game in which your decisions in one corner of the galaxy can upend entire civilizations in another. · By The Fermi Paradox

Farside Update - 0.67 - Music Events, Autosaving and Bugfixes

A topic by The Fermi Paradox created May 31, 2022 Views: 28 Replies: 1
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Dear Fermi Community,

After releasing our soundtrack we got inspired to write some events about mesmerizing music genres in the future. Let`s have a trip to the dark side of the moon together...

Also no more lost games when you have a power outage! We implemented an autosave feature!
Furthermore we fixed some annoying issues with broken savegames.

Changelog of Version 0.67.A.5 - Farside UPDATE

 ( contains spoilers )

  • New Feature - Autosave - The game progress is automatically saved. A timer in the exit menu shows when the last autosave happened.
  • New Sol System Event "Born on the Far Side of the Moon"
  • New Sol System Event "The Lunar Colony"
  • New Cyber Age Event "The Neon Wave"
  • New Solar Age Event "Robo Core"
  • New Lightspeed Age Event "Luminal Trash"
  • New Singularity Age Event "Neural Metal"
  • New Spaceship Event "Battle of the Bands"
  • New Signal Event "The Space Opera"
  • New Colony Event "No Country for our kind!"

New Population Crisis Event "The Final Concert"

  • Bugfix - fixed broken savegame, when saving during the tutorial
  • Bugfix - fixed broken savegame, when saving during epilogue
  • Bugfix - fixed broken savegame, when saving during certain final tech options
  • Bugfix - names of stars, spaceships and civilizations are displayed correctly again after loading a savegame
  • Bugfix - colonies on Alpha Centauri are not invisible anymore

See you up in the stars, voyager.

Jörg from Anomaly Games

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We uploaded a small patch today ( version 0.67.B.1 ) that fixes some issues with the "Dark Side of the Moon" event and a couple of typos.